Use Your Difference To Make A Difference

Tayo Rockson was living life skating through the motions with a corporate job in Virginia. He was making good money with, but ultimately wasn’t fulfilled in…until, one day a close call with death in a car accident spun his car and life around in the direction of his passion: inspiring people to use their difference to make a difference. Being in a car accident or even a near miss can be very traumatising for the people in the vehicle, this is why you should have insurance on your car (such as those form Money Expert for vans) so if it were to get damaged, you are covered. At least you now have access to law firms that have a specialist attorney well-rhymed in personal injury claims like these.

With a Nigerian heritage and growing up in several countries in different continents due to his father’s lifestyle as a diplomat, Tayo didn’t feel like he belong anywhere growing up.

Although was deeply exposed to multiple cultures with extreme differences, he never knew where his culture…his home was.

So fast forward to the day of the accident…Tayo was driving and a car swerved into his line, cutting into half of his lane.

Tayo’s car started spinning out of control and ended in a position where he could’ve easily been T-boned.

He feared that his car might’ve fell off the bridge, ending his life…and luckily he made it through without any serious damage. Others may have to begin a fight for serious personal injury compensation, or the less lucky would have to have families fight for them, but he managed to survive.

This shook him up and made him realize that he was meant for more.

One day Ariana Huffington had a book tour conference in New York and Tayo got tickets for it.

At the event, Ariana made a joke about how if she could change anything…it’d be her accent; Tayo laughed because he could relate with having a different accent from where his heritage comes from, and how that made them feel like they didn’t belong.

Then he thought, I wonder if there’s a platform for people who don’t look like they talk and don’t talk like they look.

Afterward he stumbled upon an article called 31 signs you’re a third culture kid, which refers to people who spend their lives growing up in multiple cultures outside their family culture during their formative years.

This inspired him to write his first e-book which was a guidebook for the ultimate lifestyle for TCK (third culture kid) living.

Then he decided to launch a podcast having no experience nor expertise on podcasting (just like me).

He started reaching out to people to bring on the podcast on Twitter from searching #tck, #thirdculturekid, #globalnomad, #nomad.

He got a bunch of confirmations and launched the podcast…then thought how he could expand beyond just his podcast.

In one conversation he had, he said,”You know, I think we all need to learn how to use our differences to make a difference.”

Something about that phrase stuck with him, and that sparked the birth of UYD media which has over 60+ contributors…as well as the huge growth of his first podcast As Told By Nomads.

When I asked Tayo what culture means to him, he said,”Diversity, language, an ideology where a group of people can connect with commonalities and also are working towards common goals that unite them.”

Today Tayo has created a large community for third culture kids and global nomads to connect and share their stories…creating a new community when in the past he felt like he didn’t belong to one, and using his difference to make a difference in the world.

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In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How life is always happening for us…even with car accidents
  • Powerful strategies to connect with anybody from any culture in the world
  • Why listening to others’ stories is one of the most powerful ways to connect with anybody
  • How other generations can have an amazing working experience with Millennials

Adam SAdam Siddiq is the Host of The Soulfully Optimized Life podcast,and a Peak Performance Coach and Leader, specifically working with Millennials and StartUps to create epic changes in the world.