The Forgotten Blessings

What are you thankful for?

If you were blessed enough to sit around a table with friends and family on Thursday, November 28th, 2015 then you probably answered this question at least once.

Your answers probably (hopefully?) included one of the following.

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Health
  4. Food
  5. Work-related success
  6. Shelter
  7. Freedom

Thanksgiving is amazing because it gives us the opportunity to take a step back from our daily habits and give thanks for everything listed above, and a few others that may come to mind. But the holiday can pass us by, as so many important things do, if we don’t allow ourselves to dig deeper. If we remember only those things that exist on the surface, we are blind to the things that lie beyond, the things that we wake up for, those that make this life worth it.

The Forgotten Blessings

  1. Winning the Life Lottery: Being thankful that we were put in the situations which we find ourselves in, rather than wishing for some proverbial greener-grass.
  2. Personality: Everyone has their own idiosyncrasies, and while we work to improve ourselves day to day, we should be thankful for the way that we are. Some of us are introverted, some extroverted, some prone to risk, some risk averse. All of whom are made to make an impact if they give thanks for the personality they’ve been given.
  3. Our Senses: We never think about how amazing it truly is to open up our eyes and view the beauty of the world each morning, but those born blind do not have that opportunity. Those born deaf do not know how it feels to hear the words “I love you” or “ I am thankful for you”. Appreciate the fact that you can read, reason and react even as you interact with this computer & article.
  4. Safety: As the world grows ever-more dangerous, it becomes ever-more evident how much of a blessing living in a peaceful place really is. Bombings and attacks worldwide have sadly become a daily occurrence, so understanding our place in this world and appreciating peace is something that can’t go undone.
  5. Choice: Having the ability to choose what you will do on a day to day basis. What you will eat or drink and the myriad of choices to pick from. What occupation you will take up. Who you will marry. If you’ll get married. If you will get an education. What your day to day will be. We take the time to remember that we are lucky to have such choice
  6. Life: You never earned life, it was given to you. Whatever situation you find yourself in, be thankful that you have a life that could have been given to someone else. Use that life to make a difference. Embrace your perceived challenges as something to motivate you to achieve better and give thanks for your ability to do so.

As we continue this holiday season, I leave you with a quote from John F Kennedy.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” — John F Kennedy

Stats To Make You Think via Relevant Magazine

“· If you make more than $50,000 a year, you are among the top 1 percent of earners on the entire planet.

· Most of the population of the entire world (80 percent) lives on less than $10 a day.

· The median household income for the global population is less than $10,000 a year.

· More than a third of people on earth live on less than $2 a day. 1.2 billion live on less than $1.25.”