The Biggest Content Marketing Hack for 2016

Recently I discovered a neat little trick that could just be the biggest content marketing hack for 2016. When you are writing content for a blog – from somewhere like – at times it can be very hard to get the word out fast. I originally first wrote about it here.

Good news. I’ll share a secret with you. With LinkedIn, there is a way to share your article to a maximum of fifty LinkedIn groups. This takes just two minutes. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Join fifty LinkedIn groups that are in your target market or niche. If you are a startup for example, then join LinkedIn groups like On Startups. Or, if you are an investor, join groups like the Angel Investor Group. It may take a couple of days for your group requests to process and be accepted.
  1. The key to doing this is clicking on the ‘post to groups’ option when you share your content via LinkedIn.

Linkedin Hack

  1. Just type in any letter it will show you any groups that you have signed up to. Just select all that apply and share away.

Final words: Make sure you only post to groups that are relevant. Nobody likes spam, don’t be a spammer. Interact with these groups as well!

Luke Fitzpatrick is the Founder of Ghacklabs and Shushnote. Luke occasionally lectures in Entrepreneurship.