The Anti Resolution

Resolutions by definition are a “firm decision to do or not do something.” But at the heart of every resolution is a want, and a want is NOT a necessity.

I want to be skinnier, so I’ll go to the gym.

I want to be smarter, so I’ll read a book a day.

I want to be rich and happier, so I will start a company.


But the problem once again, is that a want is not a necessity.

The question of this New Year for most will be “how bad do you want something?” And like all that have come before, 2016 will be exactly like every other year if we continue to just want.


You must NEED IT. There is absolutely nothing standing in your way except for that identical man or women in the mirror. You are the only one stopping you from that person and lifestyle.

So in 2016, it’s simply about YOU.

Don’t make promises, don’t want, JUST DO.

Recommit to what you NEED every single day.

Don’t make excuses. Don’t blame society, economic status, insecurities, or your past. Embrace naysayers, but make sure no one emotionally or physically tries to steal your glory. It’s yours, and the only one who control it is YOU.

So this year don’t think of “goals you would like to accomplish”, think about the things you NEEED TO HAVE.

In an interview with a friend of mine, Michael Lisovetsky, he recalled one of his favorite quotes that says, “You have to want your dreams to become reality as much as you want to breathe.”

So, you need that startup? Then work those hours, every single day. That may mean not sleeping, re-prioritizing your life, not seeing people you want to as much, but it also means you are doing it.

You need to lose weight? Then struggle every day. Get into that gym, mentally and physically everyday. Failure is not an option. Because the two people you fail is your present-self, who is sleeping instead of working, and your future-self, who has a lack of energy and spirit because of the CHOICE you made.

“Everyday you say no to your dreams, you might be pushing them a back a whole 6 months, even a year.” — Eric Thomas

What do you NEED this year?

Forget resolutions, just make a decision of what you need TODAY!

By Mina Salib

CEO Usspire

Feel free to reach out anytime via email at or on twitter.

Wishing you all the best! Let’s get after it in 2016!