Prioritize your Life & Track your Progress: HLMR Method

When you are the type of person that strives for greatness, you tend to run into a dilemma: how do I do all the great things I want to, all at the same time?

As David Allen (creator of the GTD Method) states, “You can do Anything, but not Everything”

This is why any conversation about Productivity has to begin with another “P ” word — Priorities.

A big part of leading a productive lifestyle, and not just goal listing, is prioritizing. Really any list you read about productivity usually speaks about prioritizing or at least documenting, what you want to accomplish throughout the day. Understanding, and clearly defining, what the priorities are in your life, is important. So for the purpose of the actions we’ll be taking, we want to analyze what our true priorities are, and get into the habit of keeping track of them.

After a great conversation with my friend Tam Pham, founder of Outside of the Classroom, he inspired an idea to separate your life into varying degrees of priority, so I wanted to say a personal thank you to Tam!

Now back to it….

What do priorities look like?

1.They fall under three parts of life: Physical, Mental, Social
2.Need to be done within a weeks time
3.Takes into account other people (E.g. spending 1 hr a day with Family)
4.Increases self development (E.g. Exercise, Reading, Studying)
5.There is a short term or long term consequence for not meeting that priority. (E.g. My relationships are not as strong, I don’t lose weight, My business doesn’t grow, etc…)
6.They give clear measurable goals (E.g. I need to workout 4X a Week, I need to increase my mailing list by 50% in 1 month)

Now, it’s important to understand that many things can be considered tasks or goals, but they must also fall under varying degrees of importance. Priority levels of course, will differ from person to person.

At the beginning of each week, each of us should document where each of our goals rank in the HLMR Tracker.

Priority levels ranks as so:
1.High: Must get done
2.Medium: Would love to
3.Low: If i have time
4.Reject: maybe next month

Each level awards different levels of points for each task accomplished within that category. High — 4 points, Medium — 3 points, Low — 2 points, and just for rejecting a task and sticking to the rejection you are awarded 1 point. These 9 things become what you are responsible for, for the week, and 3 things you are not responsible for.

Use the first week to set your personal barometer, and see where you stand. Whatever the percentage, use it to challenge yourself. If you end up with 25% of your tasks completed by weeks end, get to 40% the next week. If you complete 90% the first week, challenge yourself by making the tasks more challenging and try to reach 95%. This system is meant for you to practically segment your tasks by importance, and improve your life. From personal experience, stay true to the system, and watch how much more productive you end up at the end of each week.

If you have any comments or questions reach out to me on twitter @MinaSalib09, I’d love to chat.

Here is a link to the downloadable version of the HLMR tracker, and E-Book (PDF form) for your personal use.

Happy Tracking!