It’s Your Week, Make It Count!

It’s Sunday, and it’s time you make this day, this week, COUNT. We work hard and we need to make sure that we’re making the most of every second.

5 Things we need to do today.

1.Choose a Theme for your Week:
To keep things spontaneous from week to week, we’ll first pick a theme for each week. For example “Meet someone new everyday”, “take a different route everyday”, “develop a new skill”, “learn a new Word everyday”. These are just examples, but lets mix things up and start bringing the unknown into our lives.

2. Examine your usual schedule (including work, family, friends obligations, and any usual habits), then determine how much free time you have outside of those usual things for passion projects or things that have been on your mind to do.

3. Highlight the three most important things you must do each day this week… Narrow those choices down to two. Those are the 2 things you will focus on accomplishing everyday, they are now first priority. Anything and everything else, barring emergencies of course, come secondary.

4. Highlight Reachers: Anything you think would be a reach to accomplish this week. Maybe you want to finish a business plan, start your podcast, or run a mile each day, anything that just seems out of your reach. Keep it on your list, and make time to tackle it later on in the week.

5. Audit Yourself. Each and every day, do an honest self audit and see how much you’ve accomplished from the things you set out to do. Whatever you could not get to on one day, add it to your Reach list and see if you can make it up after you complete the things you set out to initially.

Lastly, lets do our best and, “Work to Live” this week, rather then “Live to Work”.

Have a ‪#‎ContagiouslyProductive‬ Week!