Hustle Summit: Investing in The Industrious

Motivational speakers capitalize on what is commonly referred to as the “it” moment, that eureka, lightbulb-over-the-head, epiphany second, where it all comes together. But what can’t be transferred in words, what a person cannot dole out in the hour they were paid to saunter onto a stage and deliver their quickly memorized diatribe, is drive. Hustle, grind, burnin’ the candle at all six ends, etc. etc. If you don’t have it, you won’t get it if you don’t want it bad enough. Have it though, and you’ll quickly find that you don’t often find too many like-minded grind-peers in one place at the same time, even at networking events that are supposedly designed exactly for said purpose. At the Hustle Summit, not only do you get to meet an incredible number of such people, you’ll find too the people who have done it before and want to support their millennial successors.

Hustle Summit, taking place on July 17th, will amass a group of incredibly talented and driven entrepreneurs, marketers, designers and much more to NYC’s Irving Plaza. The event will be an epic mix of both networking and recruiting opportunities, with recruiting companies such as TimeInc, HBO, NBC, Buzzfeed, Brandwatch and more, present and more than buzzed to reach out to such invested business members. With many entrepreneurs likely to be in attendance, it’s clear that while all may not be looking for a job, Hustle Summit places essential advice and much needed beginner guidance well within attendee reach.

Big time former-startups like Uber, DevBootcamp, Wix and more, are sponsoring the driven gathering, promoting their own work-to-the-bone companies. With a huge number of speakers finely tuned to their specfic markets and current economic ecosystems, the Summit provides an opportunity to hear voices well aware with what it means to be “a part of the grind”. Our mission at Usspire has long been to share and to recognize potential, to inspire and facilitate change within our developing community, and to share the stories of those attempting to as well. What Hussel Summit does is bring succesful entrepreneurs together with new upstarts, facilitating change through networking and growth through real, genuine learning. Yea, we’re just giddy over here.

Usspire will be covering the event closely, with both CEO Mina Salib and CCO Michael Salib in attendance. Now it’s possible you were saving your money to listen to a renown motivational speaker later this summer. However, as we truly believe, no words spoken at you will ever be as valuable as those spoken to you, those which build crucial relationships between yourself and Summit peers.

Bottom line? Make it this Friday.

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Michael Salib

Chief Content Officer