How to Succeed as a #Millennial in the Workplace

Millennials. They’ve got many skills and qualities that make them attractive to employers in the workplace: good qualifications, high self-esteem and awesome hairbuns.

But being a millennial is also a challenge: how do you convince your boss you’re not just another underemployed slacktivist who’ll play hookie with their Tinder buddies?

Read this internet list in your lunch break (if you get one!) to find out more.

1. Do the menial stuff.

Sure, you want to be a rockstar. Who doesn’t? But before that you need to learn to be a rockstar of building your career. If you’re not willing to do the small jobs you won’t get asked to do the big ones. So why not make them fun? Instead of photocopying, imagine you’re taking “selfies” with the documents, then “uploading” them to your Instagram account/boss’s desk.

You might not “break the internet” but you will break a sweat?-?and your boss will notice!

2. Work on your body language.

Let’s face it, if you’ve spent all your time online then body language won’t necessarily be your first priority. Perhaps you’ve grown so use to snapchatting with your online pals that you’ve forgotten you have a body at all! One way to remedy this is to think of your face as an emoticon you need to change according to the situation. Boss is pleased with your work = happy emoticon. Boss is firing you because you’re reading this at your desk = sad face/sarcastic applause.

3. Use your tech skills.

There are some things millennials are naturally good at?-?and technology is one of them! Use your advanced E-skills to help out your boss, for example by booking him an Uber or uploading this article to the web while he’s at lunch with a beautiful client.

It might not get you many Twitter “faves”?-?but when promotion time comes around you can count on being your boss’s!

4. Be on time.

I simply can’t say this enough. If you’re not on time, you’re not in the game. You’ll also be late, which is a major red flag. Fact is, being late is the number one cause of unpunctuality. And that has been proven by numerous studies.

5. Seek out mentors.

A mentor is a gift. A gift that gives back in terms of lifts, skills and late night chats about the state of your life, work and goals. If you need to work on your skills, your mentor will tell you about it. If your boyfriend’s a jerk who’s holding you back, likewise. Spurn that gift and you risk making the biggest mistake of your life, “Sarah”; or at least like a thank-you note for your engagement present, which cost upwards of $100.

Good luck and remember: a good career is a bit like a game of Candy Crush Saga. Do it wrong, and it’ll take over your life and empty your bank account. Do it right, and your spectacular success will make all your Facebook friends green with envy!

By Don Chudd

Usspire Contributor

DON CHUDD is an inner wellness coach and the author of groundbreaking success manual Awesomize Your Life, a 360 degree system for inner wellness and personal fulfillment. Follow his insights at @awesomizethis

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