How to become a Productivity Ninja

Sure, you’re being productive. But are you a Productivity Ninja?

Look down. Are you wearing a productivity black belt and a loose-fitting productivity shozoko?

Then I’ve got news for you, kiddo, the answer’s no!

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to battle your schedule and win with my Five Steps to Becoming a Productivity Ninja.

Over the years I’ve honed these in my mind until they’re as smooth and shiny as a freshly-passed kidney stone. Productivity is important for both the office and in general. From businesses asking themselves what is project management software, as they may have come up with a solution to improving productivity, or making a to-do list at home and having it in plain sight so you can tick off/ prioritise your tasks, this is all things to consider if you want to become a productivity ninja!

And now I’m going to share them with you!

1. Do less.

You heard me. Some people think productivity is about doing more. But think about it: if you do less it’s easier to achieve 100% of your to-do list. That’s a 50% uplift in your productivity. The idea of completing tasks to a high standard also applies in businesses too. As you find yourself working as a team and sometimes on your own, productivity may differ. When you work as a team, you generally get more work done, if everyone performs at an equal level. But you will also find that not everyone is going to be as skilled in certain sectors like others are. This is where the idea of using services from outside of your business comes in handy. You don’t think about using other platforms when you have a team around you. But there comes a time where this may be necessary to keep your business running smoothly. For example, you’ve tried everything to manage the payroll side of your business, but you are not having any luck with sorting it out and having everything ready on time. This is where companies like CloudPay come into play, where they can offer a reliable payroll solution for your business. This wouldn’t be something that you would turn down, especially if this was the main issue you were having. No matter what you are struggling with in your business, it is important to at least find a solution. This way, you’ll be doing less, therefore increasing your level of productivity.

Maybe dealing with the financial part of your job takes up most of your time and you find it difficult to give 100% of your attention. Not to worry, as there are specialists out there such as professional CPAs at Lalea&Black that can give this part of your business all the attention it needs to be managed effectively. This way, you can spend more time on other tasks and not feel like you have too much to do in such little time. It’s always good to ask for at least a bit of help if you need it.

So what are you waiting for? If it’s my permission to be awesome, then guess what kid?

You just got it… BIG-TIME!

2. Do the things you usually do, but faster.

Sounds simple. But so many people waste unnecessary time doing pointless things such as attending to their negative self-talk or listening to their mom telling them about all the annoying things that happened at her hospital appointment. Inform “mom” she has two minutes to set out the key areas of concern and identify an achievable action plan or you’ll hang up. And no, “I wish you’d call me more,” is not an action plan!

Nice try, mom!

3. Multitask

I know. Your grade school teacher told you to do one thing at a time. But where is he now? Probably still teaching grade school! Serves him right for giving terrible advice.

4. Fill in the gaps.

Lots of us have hours of unused “free time” such as during the commute, at our daughter’s piano recital or while waiting in line at an open casket. The secret to maximising your productivity is to spend this time in fruitful mental activity. For example, while I was writing this, I came up with an idea for an app that matches potential lovers based on the Three Main Odour Groups.

See? This stuff works!

5. Finish what you start.

Let’s face it. Finishing things is ESSENTIAL to getting them done. In fact, it’s pretty much the most important step. So what’s stopping you? Sit down and make a list of all the things that are preventing you from finishing your project?—?then when you’re done, bear in mind Bill Gates probably would’ve used that time to cure cholera.

Uh-oh! Better go back and read my list again!

I hope these tips help to awesomize your productivity. Now pick up your Sword of Nailing It and get ready to murder your to-do list in an unprovoked assault.

Because congratulations…you are now a productivity ninja!

By: Don Chudd

Usspire Contributor

DON CHUDD is an inner wellness coach and the author of groundbreaking success manual Awesomize Your Life, a 360 degree system for inner wellness and personal fulfillment. Follow his insights at @awesomizethis

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