How I wish the world would be

Thoughts of a person.

This is a poem about my vision for and of the world.

The above picture has nothing to do with this poem. It’s just badass.

I know no one said, “pat,” I want your opinion;

But for those who want to; take a listen.

We live in earth, 2015,

But has anybody thought, wtf does that mean?

Analyze technology, history, science –

Figure out what life means, while you’re still alive an;

Don’t just look at the world around you

But paint a picture of all that surrounds you.

There’s galaxies and planets, and stars far away

A little piece of bacon, in someone’s purée.

Gravity is -9.8 m/s per second,

Have you ever seen that movie, don’t be a menace?

Life is big and small

And also short and tall

And how far we have evolved

From gathering food to malls.

Yet we’re not even happy, angered every day,

About some little thing, that didn’t go our way.

And we struggle and lust and some of us make it,

And others say “fuck it,” and go out and take it.

Make sure you know where you’re headed, and the path that you’re on,

Don’t Regret your mistakes, you did nothing wrong.

Just find a place deep inside you, where you can figure it out,

Then with all of your might, go forth and set out.

This place is filled, with dreams made true –

Nothing says it can’t happen to you.

Don’t get discouraged, because all routes are hard,

That ends with the victor, being carried so far.

In life when you fail, no matter how big or how small,

Remember that you come from a glorious star.

And in your worst time, think of the best,

and when you feel great, remember the rest.

Spread love in any way that you can –

Love thy neighbor, that’s God’s master plan.

And when you look up, and wonder what’s true?

Just know that it starts, with peace inside of you.

By: Patrick Diamitani

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