Hercules: Grecian God, Modern Day Millennial

Herculean strength. It is, undoubtedly, what people think most of when they hear the name Hercules. The Twelve Labours, the feats of strength and test of resilience and strength are what made the demi-god famous. But they’re not what make him important. Rather, what makes the Greco-Roman hero so crucial to Gen-Y’ers, is his journey and lifestyle.

Hercules, son of god Zeus and mortal Alcmenes, was famed for his superhuman physique and athleticism, and tales throughout the ages have told of his god-like abilities. However, when watching Disney’s Hercules, one begins to see another side of the divine hero. It becomes less about what makes him different that is important, but rather what makes him human. His emotions get the best of him at times, he is irrational and willing to endanger himself for those he cares about, and many times, he fails, even with his immense power. But he cares, and he wills, and his self-confusion is resolved through the struggle he goes through because of it. Stuck in an in-between between man and god, with love in his arms, Hercules declares, “I finally know where I belong”. But how does this relate to entrepreneurship, to making it, why is this really important at all?

At the heart of every modern day disrupter, WORD FOR MODERN PERSON, are the questions who am I, and what do I want? Call it self-absorbed, the idea of finding oneself has become even more important than really ever before. To know where one belongs has not remained a solely Herculean dream, but has become intertwined with that of America. Young people crave self-awareness and tie it to success and ultimately happiness in a much larger sense. With the strong man as an example, it is clear that it’s not simply through one completed labour, one New Year’s resolution, that we can direct ourselves in the way of understanding.

So how do  we do what the big man did? Well, as it is with most success, lifestyle is paramount. Hercules, in his own way, understood the grind. He trained day in and day out, and while his challenges occasionally had more than one head on their shoulders, he stayed true to the regiment. Whether hydra or Hades himself, Herc managed to put his head down and take each obstacle as it came, and with trainer Phil (a mentor) by his side, regimented his day so that few to no distractions pull him from his original goal. Its only when the spellbinding Meg reluctantly entrances the physical force, does he become entangled in the struggle that almost kills him. But, just as our biggest trials can often lead us to our greatest success, Hercules rises to the occasion and all those days of menial grindstone work raise him to the divine level he always ached for. Hercules finally found his place in victory, just as us simple mortal peers strive for daily. In his bones he may have been immortal, but in emotion, lifestyle and journey, he was us.

By: Michael Salib


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