Get Your Facebook REAL WORLD READY!

I’m not sure what position you are in as you read this piece, but what I do know is that wherever you are in this proverbial “game-called-life”, you need to get your Facebook account real world READY!

“What does that even mean?”

Getting real-world ready is simple. In order to do so, you need to make sure that the brand you present online is the brand that you want to present offline in the physical world to potential employees, customers, peers, one that you are comfortable with. This will help you to build a reputation, which is one of your most powerful tools. Reviews written about you can damage this, which is why it’s important to use tools like RepCheckup to monitor them.

So, for the purpose of this conversation, we will be focusing on the brand that you present on Facebook solely. This is one of the first thing recruiters and employers will be checking to see is if you fit company culture and if you will be a good ambassador for their company.

Here are 5 things to do RIGHT NOW to make sure your Facebook is ready:

1) Look in the VirtualMirror:

Go to settings > timeline and tagging > view as. Just search yourself up as someone who is not your friend. There, you’ll see what people that are looking you up also see. Go ahead and notice all the things you want to change, including pictures and wall posts.

2) Make a Great Collage

As many of us have unfortunately found out, there may have some old embarrassing pictures of of yourself from your past life. Since you may not want to delete your past and go through the hassle, I have another solution. Just go to the specific album, click the setting wheel on the bottom right corner, and make the album so only you can see it.

3) Control Your Wall

Wall posts are forever, but they don’t have to be. To solve this problem, go to settings, and where it asks “who can see what others post on my timeline”, make sure you it’s that set to friends only. You could even put it so people only what they post on your wall.

4) Your Friends are a Reflection of You

If you are proud of all your Facebook friends, you really don’t have to worry about this point. If not, you may just want to keep your friends private. I guess you are the only one who really why you wouldn’t want people to see who you’re friends with, but let’s just leave that to your discretion. You don’t want a random person you accepted on Facebook to be a reason someone has a questionable impression of you.

5) Pro Tip?—?Interests Can Help You Break Through

Make sure your interests, hobbies, and media preferences speak to who you are and what you love. For example, no need for privacy on your books. This could be a great chance to relate with your boss or VC without even talking to him/her.

In another world, far removed from this modern, hyper-digital one we now inhabit, interviews and in-person interactions ruled the gambit in terms of a person’s business reputation. Now though, the internet has given us all another facet of personality, and it is becoming quickly apparent that management of this delicate facet is what will separate the successful few from the mediocre many.

By: Ramon Berrios

We would love to know which Facebook tactics work for you, so please leave us a comment and give us your insight.

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Ramón Berríos is a board member of Young Entrepreneurs of Puerto Rico whos current project is called Cenas Empresariales a project to grab what happens to be one of the worlds worst economies and make its citizens financially independent from the current situation. You can find him at @ramonthechief.