Founder, Mom, Wife or All the above?

Michele Spiezia,

“An inherent doer, self-starter and productivity addict. She loves lists.”

A founder, mother, and wife; Michele along with her husband, Francesco, founded Films by Francesco, becoming one of the best film companies in the industry. Taking on huge projects and editing documentaries for the former CFO of Warner Bros. & Sirio Maccioni of Le Cirque, and shooting the weddings of Nicole Richie, Blake Shelton, LeBron James, and Chelsea Clinton, they grew their product massively. She is now onto bigger things having founded Bespoke. “Bespoke,where creativity begins.”


Q: What are some of the things your proud of from your productive past?

Learning to be self-sufficient at a very early age, I left home at 17 and put myself through undergrad at NYU. I had to find my own Career Research Tools and use them independently. I learned from having to do things on my own that I could do anything that I wanted to. I later met my husband Francesco and together we began our own film company and actually had some great successes in the industry.

Q: What is your current productive venture?
I’m working right now at Bespoke. At Bespoke, we believe technology should liberate creativity, not complicate it. Empowering community through creative exchange, we ignite the creative process by bringing discovery, organization & collaboration into a single platform. It’s built for iPad, but coming soon everywhere else.


Q: What is the secret to a productive lifestyle?

I’m not sure there is a secret— I think it’s more about how you define ‘productive.’ For me, it’s about constantly checking in with myself to make sure that I’m getting actual, productive work done on a regular basis, rather than spinning my wheels doing seemingly productive tasks. I often get stuck on the hamster wheel of my email inbox or organizing the closet in the studio as a means to feel productive, when all I’m doing is procrastinating the real projects, the hard projects, the ones that require undivided time & effort.

Q: Do you recommend any productivity apps or life hacks?

ISo, since real productivity requires undivided time & effort (as stated above), my productivity hack is twofold. First, I have cut down all the apps I use into a focused series of tech stacks (the term for the apps you use for certain business tasks) so that I don’t get distracted or sidetracked when working. Secondly, I choose to block out time on my calendar. It’s really easy to fill up your week with meetings & appointments (especially when it’s your job to market & sell your product!), which can easily leave you without a moment to yourself! I do my best to consolidate all of my meetings & appointments into one or two days during the week, and then block out half days or full days and simply write in ‘NO MEETINGS!’

It’s a way for me to protect my necessary introverted side from my overactive extrovert side.


Q: How do you do it all?The bottom line is ‘Be where you are.’ This is much easier said than done, especially when you are a founder, a wife, a mom, and ever trying to maintain some semblance of the woman you are at the core of it all.

  • When you’re at work, work.
  • If you’re on the playground with your kid, pay attention.Put your phone away.
  • If you’re cooking, cook.
Enjoy the experience of it. Despite the length of your to do list, and the sound of deadlines whooshing by, you’ll feel better and more productive for sure.