Father’s Day Blogs and Hacks WE ❤

Father’s Day has been a holiday that I have celebrated emphatically for the past 24 years, as my father has been a super hero in my eyes since birth. The beauty of the internet allows for us to peer into the lives of others and observe how they approach this day. These 5 posts below have not only provided us with amazingly unique perspectives on other fathers, but they show us the challenges and triumphs of some real world super heroes.

Fathers Day 2015: A different perspective by @CA_global : “This Fathers Day…. we reflect on the challenges faced by fathers in some of the most vulnerable communities around the world, where decisions can mean the difference between life and death….. Click to Read

“The Voice Box” by @joeywilson: “This was the last voicemail I received from my dad before a series of strokes left him unable to speak. He would die a year later. He was a teacher and an entrepreneur, having founded several successful companies including…. Click to Read

To My Sons: Lessons on Manhood I Learned From Your Father by@ciaoluvlisa : “START A FOOD FIGHT — Embrace the silly side of life” .….Click to Read

How to be a Superhero by @johnherrington: “I figure that I have about a decade of being a superhero to my son, so I’m going to make the most of it” ….. Click to Read

5 Amazing, Inspiring Dads by @TheBump: “These five heartwarming stories are just a few more reminders of how awesome fathers can be.”….Click to Read

Hack your Way to the Perfect Fathers Day

Apps your father will love!

Zite: For the curious Dad! Help Dad discover more of what he loves. Zite is”an intelligent magazine that helps you discover interesting things to read.

iHandy Carpenter: For the handy Dad! Save dad the headache of carrying every tool in the world. Comes with 5 tools , (A plumb bob; A surface level; A bubble level bar; A steel protractor; A steel ruler)

Open Table: For Romantic Dad. Help Dad ” discover, explore, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations free and instantly — anytime, anywhere.”

Bloomberg Business App: For Finance Dad. Help Dad “get comprehensive access to global business and finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools from the world’s most trusted source.”

Grill-It!: For Grill Master Dad. Grilling and BBQ Recipes for all those summer nights in the backyard.

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Look out for our Father’s Day “Glimpse” of a man who truly embodies our motto: Contagiously Productive. Always.