Directing Dreamers into Sky Scrappers

Michael Vallejos is commercial Real Estate Director at Truman James. Michael partners with creators to help them with all of their commercial real estate needs (office, retail, and industrial).  He is also an organizer for NY Latino Tech. Promoting diversity within the NY tech community by supporting the next wave of technology leaders.

4 Parts, 4 Videos to get the Complete Story


Part 1: We discuss Why Truman Janmes? & How their Disrupting the Industry.

What were the pain points that needed disruption?

The main pain point is that it’s an old-school industry. There are too many bottlenecks and barriers, and with all the technology available today, we’ll provide the customer with a much better experience. We will make things a lot quicker and, just being more transparent, give them all the information possible so they can make the best decision.

 Part 2: Habits, Productive Living, and Lifehacks
How do you spend the first hour of your day?
I do push-ups right away, just to wake me up. And I chug a glass of water. Then I try to avoid email first thing in the morning. To live a productive lifetsyle its all about Focus, There are a million things out there that demand your attention, and they’re just……..
Part 3: We talk QUITTING? & Why he does, what he does?

Have you ever felt like quitting in your ventures, and if so, what kept you going?

Definitely. Those thoughts are natural. I remember a specific time right when we were starting out, and it was probably our biggest plan at the time. We didn’t know how it was going to get done, we were getting pushed around by bigger companies, and we definitely thought that this wasn’t going to happen. But someone has to do it, so we have to stay focused on our vision and know it’s going to happen and get it done. Just push through it and stay positive.

 My main motivation is that I’ve always wanted to build something bigger than myself. I’ve always strived for…..
Some Fun
Part 4: What do you to just CHILLL?
I’m a big outdoorsy person. I love running, rock climbing, hiking, anything like that. I like just getting away and hanging out with my friends. It’s really important to turn off your phone and get out in nature, just give your brain some down time to recover. You don’t have to be on the grind 100% of the time. People say they are, but they’re probably lying.