TedxTeen Recap: Learning From Those Still Learning

This past week saw the gathering of hundreds of driven, passionate young minds in NYC for TEDxTeen talks. The event was an incredible demonstration of the TED/TEDx vision to discuss, inspire, and ultimately spread knowledge and experience. What makes the events so truly groundbreaking, is the great breadth of knowledge and craft wisdom brought by the incredible speakers, and despite their age, young people find a way to be just as inspiring and instructive as TED speakers 20, 30 years their senior. Inspiration, as we believe here at Usspire, does not come in any prototypical form, it has no generalized shape; TEDx is the perfect embodiment of this belief. This last week showcased millennials from across the globe, from different walks of life, all united in the pursuit of bettered knowledge. A glance at some of the NYC speakers allows us to see just how great the spectrum of experience really is.

Take for example David Mace. A Caltech sophomore and California-native, David sold a war prediction algorithm to the United States government at 18, and was chosen to become a Thiel Fellow, but declined, in order to continue his education. He has worked with IBM on the artificial intelligence system known as Watson, with NASA on data analytics from the Mars Rover, and has done much more without them. Someone said millennials are lazy?

Eesha Khare too, decided she wanted to change the world before she’d be allowed to rent a car. A rising junior at Harvard, Eesha developed a nanomaterial super-capacitor energy-storage device that may make today’s batteries obsolete. Named one of Forbes 30 Under 3o, she will be continuing her work in biomaterial engineering to eventually get us to a place where novel tissue development is very much so possible. Lets go ahead and assume that her dinner conversations are fairly interesting.

We at Usspire find the notion that Generation Y is the least productive of it’s demographic siblings absurd. The mental strength, determination, and connectedness of this generation only goes to show the incredible potential we already see in action. Getting started at 17, 18, 19, these young people show how the measure of a (wo)man’s productivity lies not in age, but in impact. Greatness is not given to those who wait for it, but grabbed by those who strive towards it. Keep grabbing folks.

Contagiously Productive. Always.


Written by Michael Salib

Lead Content Writer @Usspire