Bayo on the MIC: Committed to Greatness

We are very pleased to introduce Bayo Adafin, brand partnerships manager at PolicyMic . (Mic is a very popular new generation news outlet) Previously he worked on an education startup which looked to build a better way to have class discussions online. He is also a Columbia University graduate, and has been gracious enough to give us some insight on how to stay committed to personal greatness, and some great tips on how to achieve a productive lifestyle.


Q: How do you make your dreams reality:

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Q: What is the secret to a productive lifestyle?

I think productivity is relative, but I’m a believer in the idea that you can always do more if you are committed to it. Lots of times we find excuses and reasons not to do things, but it really comes down to prioritizing what’s important and then pushing yourself to cross more things off your list. I think it’s really all mental.

Q: What is your favorite productive app, or life hack?

Scroll to the bottom for productivity hacks to improve your life.

Q: Other than routine things, (shower, brush your teeth etc….) How do you spend the first of your day?\

Usually I spend the first hour thinking about my day and how I’m going to accomplish everything I want to do. I write down everything that I want to do in a notebook and then I get to work.


Q: Why do you do, what you do? 

I’m interested in a lot of things but generally I really appreciate the opportunities to build awesome things whether they are for myself or for someone else. Even if I’m not working on my #1 passion at the moment, I still want my name to be on things that are done well.

Q: How can we do GREAT things in our lives? 


I don’t think you can ever do something extraordinary without putting in the time and effort. When I watch TV or see successful people on instagram, it all seems so easy but everyone is putting the hours whether we realize it or not.

An Uber driver told me the other day, “Anyone who is only putting it 8 hours a day isn’t going to make it.”


Some Fun

Q: What do you do when you’re not working?

I play a lot of soccer and spend a lot of time out with friends.

Q: Dream Travel Destination?

There’s really nowhere to go, I can see everything on instagram.