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Paul Louis Heil III is an entrepreneur born in 1988. More importantly he is a dedicated father and family man. He is now US Account Director at is a Q&A and polling platform for live and hybrid events. Paul has been working in the events industry for quite a long time, and has found a need for better speaker/audience engagement.


Family Life

How do you juggle being the director at a startup ( and being a full time father? 

It is impossible to perfectly balance a demanding career and fatherhood.To greatly succeed in either case requires sacrifice of one or the other.

Either you put the extra hours in at work, and sacrifice that time with the kids (knowing it will be better for your family in the long run.) Or you sacrifice the potential opportunities at work to be with your children knowing time is the most valuable commodity.

Whether you have children or not we all need to hustle these days to make a living. So its about knowing what moments are or are not worth sacrificing for the benefit of your family. Its not easy, and your children can play on your heart strings the strongest, especially when your 3yr old comes to you working in the evening as says “dad you work too much”. Little children still have no concept of time or money so when they are happy and having fun it is true unadulterated happiness. So the motivation to do better is always there and your children are the most positive force to push you to succeed.

Your children are the purist motivation for you to be better, and do more; it just comes down to your determination, whether or not you will be better, and will do more for them.

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How can one be a Productive Father?  

Being a productive father is much easier than people like to admit.

Life in general is not complicated, it is people that make things complicated. We all know the bare necessities to life, and what all children naturally desire when they are brought into the world. It takes your time to be a productive father, and meet these desires. Unfortunately we all know time is one of the least common things found today. It just comes down to priorities.

When you had a long day and you just want to go home and relax, your mind is often overflowing with tasks you must complete. Work emails, endless meetings, conference calls, and a hundred other things are nagging you in the back of your mind. But, as a father, you’re required to tap into the fuel reserves that you didn’t even know existed. Getting out of the work clothes, and into the sweat pants helps  to switch gears.

Lots of work in the office can be mental work, which is definitely exhausting but most of the work with kids is physical, carrying them around, tying their shoes pushing them to the park then on the swings etc. etc. So making sure of the basics like eating & drinking as much and as healthy as possible can make the difference. Exhaustion is always there so you have to learn how to mentally handle it and still keep a positive outlook vs using it as an excuse to be anything less than what your children expect you to be.

Again kid’s have little concept of time or money so they don’t gauge things at the same level as we do. They simple expect the best from you all the time period and why shouldn’t they!


Did you ever think about quitting any of your ventures, when things got rough?

Quitting is always a thought we have in the back of our heads when it comes to many things, especially tough ventures. But quitting is a finality, it is a conclusion & many of the best things in life are not just given to us.

What kept you going?

Whenever I want to quit I just think of my life experiences and all the moments or things I felt I had lost in life by not following through or accomplishing my goals, and then I say “not this time” and I push even harder to reach the finish line and complete whatever my goal may be.

It is never disappointing or upsetting to know you did everything you could. But regret will haunt you for life if you don’t do your best and you give up right before you reach your goal.


What is the secret to a productive lifestyle?

Sleep less & eat better.

Favorite productive app, or Life hack?

Check out Paul’s productivity Hacks at the bottom of the page…

Any apps or methods you use to keep up a healty lifestyle?

I don’t need an app. My children & wife are my motivation to be healthier and do more!


How do you make your dreams reality?

In the immortal words of Jerry Rice “Today I do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t” #hustleordie

Why do you do, what you do?

I was never given much in life so I learned from a young age if I want anything I have to go get it myself. I am in a race with +80 million millennials according to ( And no one ever won a race by slowing down to meet the person behind them. The carrot that dangles in front of me on a daily basis is my two sons and my wife’s happiness and future.

I don’t know many people my age with the right kind of motivation like I have and I can guarantee you my family is more motivating than your desire to buy a lamborghini or a yacht.

Some Fun

What do you do when you’re not working?

Spend time with my family and work on my house/yard.

Dream Travel Destination?