It is a little known fact that the first country to recognize US independence from Britain was neither France, nor one of the Italian States, but rather, lesser populated Morocco. Like Morocco, we at Usspire are determined to find and support the potential that each of our members possess, regardless of their name recognition or notoriety. To recognize this potential, to inspire and facilitate change within our developing community, is what Usspire stands for.


Everyone wants to be great. But not everyone knows they can be great. Everyone wants to do the things they love, make an impact, but they don’t all know they can. Whether products of their environment, a lack of a guidance, or maybe it was a lack of resources that hindered them.

It is true that some are able to rise above the adversity, but not everyone is programmed that way which is why we exist. Usspire, through community, helps all our users rise above adversity. We exist to show Millennials who have experienced much, that they are capable of so much more.

These endless possibilities are made possible by living a productive lifestyle. That is the first step. It is a choice that you make. When you make this lifestyle consistent, it leads to results, which subsequently leads to success, and ultimately, a change for the better.


Usspire is a community which inspires, motivates, and provides solutions for ambitious young people. Our mission is to take Millennials of all different demographics, races, and upbringings to the Next Level through practical and inspirational media. Unlike many other publications, we do not work in a one size fits all models; we instead celebrate the diversity of people’s passions, strengths, and weaknesses. Therefore, we provide a variety of relatable models, practical lessons, and specialized consulting to help make your dreams a reality. Whether that be a startup, a passion project, or a new job we help you get to where you dream of being.


We strive to give you a voice and relate-able models that show you that with a Passion, a Vision, and daily Execution everything is possible. Life is what you make of it, and we want to foster greatness in our community. We want to facilitate a productive lifestyle for all millennials, and young people regardless of background.

This can only be done with your dedication, and your Voice!


While still in college, Mina Salib began his entrepreneurial journey, which stemmed from a love of inspiring those around him to reach their own personal greatness no matter the circumstance. This passion for leadership development and the joy he found in seeing those around him succeed, planted the seed for Usspire.

The thought was – why can’t we inspire all young individuals to follow their passions, strive for greatness, and make a lasting impact in this life?  What he quickly found, was that the most impactful people,  also happen to be the most productive.

Usspire became his life, living the lifestyle that he searched endlessly to document, to better analyze. The embodiment of the proverbial grind, Mina lives and breathes the Usspire mission, learning and sharing stories of entrepreneurial success daily.

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