A Lover of Things, Making Magic in the Cloud

Adam Moisa is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, and current CEO & founder of Agora. He has built a platform (Agora) that allows you to share and collaborate seamlessly on the “cloud”. Adam LOVES to start things, we know this because he told us… “I love to start things, and I especially love the relationships I build along the way”.  Adam has been involved in a couple of startups, and they range from messaging, to cloud, to sports.

Values he lives by: 

“I want to work with PEOPLE first and talent second!”
“I love ideas. I love to create new things and I love to improve old methods. I love something simple.”


“Intelligence means you can learn, experience means you can do.”
“Take everything you’re told with a grain of salt; this too.” – AM

History & Lifestyle:

Q: What are some of your productive past/present ventures?

Well one is Agora, which allows you to manage all of your accounts from one spot and edit and collaborate on any file, from any cloud, with anyone. Another I’m proud of is Tickfinity, which allows you to name your price for tickets, and your request goes to a live pool of brokers competing to get you the best price.

Q: Do you have any tips on achieving a productive lifestyle?

A healthy mindset – be happy and thankful for what you have; exercise – a good run or just some push-ups and sit-ups every day will drastically change your emotional outset;

Persistence – don’t just think to yourself ‘I won’t give up,’ instead say to yourself ‘I don’t have the right to give up.’ If you truly believe your app (or idea/project) can help people, you have the responsibility to build it for them, no questions asked.

Q: What’s your favorite productivity app?

TRELLO! (Scroll down for more Productivity Hacks)


Q: Did you ever think about quitting any of your ventures, when things got rough?


Q: Why NOT?

The knowledge that just because things may be tough does not mean that you have the right to quit and knowing that through hard work and a good team, things will get better.

Q: Why do you do, what you do?

I am obsessed with technology and I’ve always loved good clean products that truly enhance a persons life. More importantly, a good product that streamlines a users day helps to keep their head clear which is so important and very fulfilling for me.

Some fun:

Q: What do you do when you’re not working?

Read, code, and put on magic shows for my friends and family!

Q: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

(Warning!!! Never Attempt the Answer you are about to Read)

I once (foolishly) decided to go down a closed off 90+ degree chute on a ski slope.

I’m alive, but trust me, it was stupid.