A Conference for the Next Generation

As active members of our communities, whether the medical field, tech, journalism, publication, etc., we are invited to participate in a number of conferences. People trying to sell us products, plans, ideas, some attempting to give us things we never knew we wanted until they told us we did. Every once in a while, however, there comes along a very different type of event that shows us genuine ingenuity, inspiration, innovation.

The Next Gen Summit, taking place from July 31st to August 2nd in Austin, TX, is an event focused on the future world-shakers in the US and abroad. With a board completely consisting of members under 3o, this event is structured for the growth and development of ventures, projects, etc. by millennials, for millennials. The organizing body have comprised a wide ranging list of speakers who can touch on almost every field imaginable, speakers who are not only in touch with social media and current networking strategies, but are young and extremely active in their respective fields.

With investors and financiers to spoil, this event really puts into what we at Usspire believe in entirely; think, plan, work and then strive towards a dream, and people will believe in what you create in the end. Along with investors, there are speaker-representatives from companies such as Forbes, Mark Cuban Companies, ESPN the Wall Street Journal, and even a number of elected officials who have run for office before the age of 30. There is an exhaustive list of experts, startup CEOs, and authors on a myriad of topics, and the opportunity to network with not only these incredible speakers, but the equally ambitious attendees, is more ripe than one could imagine with so many eager up-and-comers.

The mission, “to instill in young people the idea that they control their future, and can direct their careers and their lives in ways that are most meaningful to them. We want to provide the platform to turn passions into realistic working opportunities.” (Now how can we not love that?)

We don’t often fall in love with conferences and things related, but when a very special group of people come together, we pay attention. We are very lucky to be co-sponsoring this conference, and our very own Mina Salib will be in attendance, spreading the word regarding about Usspire, and according to him:

“If there’s only one thing you do this summer, make it to this conference”

By Michael Salib

Lead Content Editor @Usspire