9 Tips To Help You Get Off Your Butt and Do Something

Excerpt from a Tech Day article by Ryan Foland

Usspire’s mission is to break down those mental barriers that may stop someone from following their passions or starting their own projects in the first place. His customers identified barriers as ways of thinking, and Mina shares stories from people that have made it out of the same situations by overcoming obstacles in their way. Whether it be an interview with a founder or just a helpful blog, each piece of content has focused and customized actionable advice.

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With the help of Mina, our conversations, and Usspire, I have compiled a list of Usspire’s top eight greatest life hacks to “get up off your butt and do something.”

In David Letterman style, let’s count them down.

Tip 9: Do not be discouraged by your untraditional path. A lot of talented entrepreneurs are on the outside looking in because they get discouraged by the startup media that portrays entrepreneurship as a place where you have to know how to code or have money. It really just starts from the bottom up. – John Henry

Action: Embrace your untraditional path


Tip 8: Choose your projects wisely. In startups, people talk and ask questions about how to balance work and life. I strive to only be working on projects that are worth unbalancing my life for. – Stacey Ferriera

Action: Work on something you Love


Tip 7: You can’t be productive if you make the same mistakes twice…or worse yet, multiple times over again. -Karim Aboulengue

Action: Learn from Mistakes


Tip 6: Never, ever turn to a single source of advice in search of an answer. Nobody can give you an answer because nobody has successfully done exactly what you’re trying to do. – Jolijt Tamanaha

Action: Seek a lot of advice, and actively ignore a lot of it.


Tip 5: Focus on high leverage activities?—?in other words, where your skills make the most impact. Outsource [nearly] everything else. – Ryan Kulp

Action: Outsource the things you suck at


Tip 4: If you’re working on something that you don’t truly love, you should take some time to think about what you’re working on, and why you’re doing it. – John Meyer

Action: Reflect on why you do what you do.


Tip 3: Be productive at a macro level. By using time wisely and not spending much time on the TV and social media, you can save at least 27 hours a week. – Jared Kleinert

Action: Use your time wisely.


Tip 2: It’s all about life design. Try to reverse-engineer every process you can. Figure out who’s already doing what you want to be doing, and do it backwards. – Justin Lafazan

Action: Emulate and learn from people you want to be.


Tip 1: It really comes down to prioritizing what’s important and then pushing yourself to cross more things off your list. It’s all mental. – Bayo Adafin

Action: Prioritize what’s important and stay committed to accomplishing those things on your list.


Becoming great, using your strengths, and following your passions all go hand in hand, so take these eight tips and get off your butt and go do something!