Are “They” Stopping YOU?

Many times we hear phrases like, “They” are against us. They don’t like us. They are holding us down. They withhold opportunities that we deserve.

We all have our personal “They”, some of us even share our more personal “They”s. But the question’s raised: is it actually “they” holding us back, or is it really just “us”?

Could it be our fear, our distractions, our immediate happiness, or even our lack of patience, that stops us from having the impact that we should have?

What I challenge all of us to do is stop dwelling on problems. Stop dwelling on what stops you from going after what you want and use everything you have at your disposal to work towards making your goals a reality. There are resources that we constantly overlook because they are free and right at our finger tips. Often, we fail to adequately value the internet, more specifically YouTube (where you can learn “How to” anything) or free universal online courses offered by universities like MIT and Stanford, as well as various resources where you can even learn how to begin your own venture, like How to Start a Startup by Sam Altman of Y Combinator.

Perhaps you are preparing for a job interview and are unsure what the process is going to entail? One of my friends recently had an interview for the job of her dreams at a hospital. To prepare, she rehearsed all the answers to the questions she was expecting to be asked so she felt confident in her abilities. Also, by doing some research about the company online beforehand, she even knew not to be surprised when the interviewer pulled out one of the hospital’s saliva drug test kits. It is no secret that in occupations where staff safety is paramount, employers are more selective about who they hire, so it is important to always find out in advance about any unique job interview prerequisites.

Furthermore, always remember it is not by luck that you are in the position you are in. It is not by accident that you were born a human being, with intellect to learn, grow, and teach — all ingredients that allow you to make a difference. But when you find what you want to commit yourself to, whether that be a venture you want to start, a community you want to build:

Make sure you’ve done the work.

Make sure you are over-prepared.

Make sure you are so good THEY have to say yes.

As the legendary film “Godfather” reminds us, “give them an offer they can’t refuse”. That offer is YOU. They can either invest in you and get on the rocket ship, or they can get the hell out of your way.

No matter what anyone’s answer is, it should never change your mindset and determination.

Stay humble, stay hungry.

Mina Salib

Shout out to my friend Christopher Hall, the Kickster King himself, for embracing “They Hate” and never stopping. Check out