Usspire’s Founders Checklist 

So you have an idea, and you want to do something about it. You keep reading about all these awesome, young, innovative entrepreneurs who are changing the world, and making a crazy amount of money.

You see, Mark Zuk, Cuban, Daymond John, Elizabeth Holmes on stage at conferences on TV, and you think to yourself, “I CAN BE THEM”.

And you’re right. You can be them, but before you decide to try to be anyone understand what it takes to get to where they are.

It’s not about the idea, everyone has ideas. It’s about execution. It’s about skill, talent, and sacrifice that you put towards making that idea a reality. One of the biggest barriers between you and greatness is you.

Even after making every correct business and strategy decision, one of your biggest obstacles will be you. So before you jump all in, take a look at this Founder’s Checklist and see how many of the boxes you check off.

This checklist takes into account both business necessities as well as personal intangibles you need to possess to make sure you’re successful on your journey.

A quick preview of our 10 point Checklist (Download the full Version)

  1. Initial Test: Is your idea something people want or need?
  2. Slide Deck: Slides to map out your concept, helping you to explain your idea.
  3. Proof of concept: Building your minimal viable product (MVP)
  4. Mentors/Advisers: Surround yourself with great people…
  5. Find out how prepared you are to start your company by visiting

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