The Best Networking Advice I’ve Ever Heard, via BeReal

Networking. It’s a pretty intimidating word.

[Scenario One]

You’re at a happy hour. You’re tired from a long day, but thought you better show up so you don’t miss out on rubbing shoulders with important people in the industry. It’s a fancy place, the vibe is kind of pretentious, everyone is wearing business-y clothes and fake laughing while they make small talk. You pretend to be really interested in whatever your co-worker is saying, but out of the corner of your eye, you wait to see when the CEO of that firm you want to apply to gets another drink so you can swoop in and exchange business cards.

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I’ve been in this scenario one too many times and let me tell you – it’s exhausting. This is what I thought networking was like until I started Be Real and had a revelation: All networking encompasses is building relationships. It is making friends with people doing cool sh*t that you admire, respect, and want to be a part of. It’s not about small talk or “getting in” with the higher-ups. It’s about making genuine connections.

If you’ve ever struggled with this problem, keep reading! I’m about to break down the single most important networking advice I’ve ever heard, and I promise, it’s good.

*drum roll please*


By: Alexandra Cadiz

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