2 Tools that Make Tech Work For You

by: Kofie Yeboah

Every morning I send a newsletter at 9, I send a couple of tweets and then I send a message to my employees asking “What are we sending out today”.

However, I never said anything about waking up.

The essence of automation in this day and age is crucial for increasing productivity. Whether you are working with just yourself or with a team of 35 people like I am doing, there are always routine tasks that have to be completed. If you would like to install your own technology at home then you may want to check out the Crestron Home Automation system online after reading this article.

What if I told you however that you can cut down your time doing these routine tasks and increase your workflow by not having to worry about these tasks. If you’re a business owner, you can use Intelligent Automation to automate your business’s processes and improve performance and efficiency.

The following are some of the apps/sites that can help with automation and the differences between them


Using this for a year, this site sparked my interest for automation. When you enter the site it says “Put The Internet To Work For You” and the site upholds that promise.

The site has over 200 “channels” that are able to become automated. Channels included everything from the most popular things like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail to things that you wouldn’t have thought about. Things like Groupme, ESPN and Nike+ among others.

I use IFTTT to alert people when a new article is out, when writers have stuff due and whenever I have a request in Fiverr. This app is truly a great way to streamline multiple aspects of your day. Best of all, it’s free.

Similar to IFTTT: Zapier.


Workflow is a revolutionary new app that lets you create automations. Unlike IFTTT , which is only able to create links between 2 channels, Workflow lets you add multiple chain reactions. The Workflow app also lets you turn your chain reactions into apps on the homescreen. For example with the push of one button you can crosspost to multiple social media sites and be able to change what goes in each post.

Below is an example of what you can create.


Think of automation as a free secretary instead of making yourself part robot. You never know how much time you can save when you are doing these routine tasks.

Instead of having to send a reply email you can focus on increasing your following.

Instead of reminding yourself to remind others you can spend more time on your business.

Automation is a free employee with endless possibilities. I strongly encourage you to explore the sites and various forms of automation to further increase your productivity.

You only have two feet to balance on the tightrope of life, but creating some safety nets is always a plus.

Kofie Yeboah is a junior at the University of Maryland. He co-founded a sports website called theleftbench.com that has a staff of 35 people. You can ask him questions on his twitter @KofieSpeaks